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Registration & Fees

Registration Form File:

Please fill the registration form file out then email to:

[email protected] 

[email protected]

Onsite Registration Fees:

Day / Nationality
One Day Attendance
 350 L.E
 300 USD
 Two Day Attendance
 600 L.E
 550 USD
 Three Day Attendance
 800 L.E
 725 USD

Great Surprise!

If You are interested to Join our International conference as an Oral or poster presenter but you are facing problems in getting a visa to Egypt, or your financial state doesn't support or help you to travel to Egypt and attend the conference,

Now you can but How?

  • Now, You can share an oral or a poster presentation in our conference without the need for Traveling to Egypt, or from a government to another inside Egypt.

  • You can send your abstract beside your oral presentation video ( max 18 mins duration ) or Your poster presentation design to be presented in the conference and we will print your poster and hang it in the poster area.

    • You will receive the certificate and a hard copy of the conference booklet by DHL, Fedex, or TNT after the conference within 10 days.                  

    The Fees you need to pay will be as follows: 


    1.  225 USD                    For Foreigners
    2.  200 USD                    For Foreigners if received Certificate and booklet as soft copy by email 
    1.  300 EGP                    For Egyptians inside Egypt in other governments 
    2.  300 EGP                    For Egyptian outside Egypt but they will pay the shipping price

    • DEADLINE TO SEND  Abstracts is     30 AUGUST 2013 
    DEADLINE TO SEND FEES IS                    15 SEPTEMBER 2013

    Early Registraion Fees: 

                           Before 5 September 2013

    Category / Nationality
    undergraduate “Attendance”
     350 L.E.
     250 USD
     undergraduate “Poster /Oral presenter”
     400 L.E.
     300 USD
     Master / PhD Students “Attendance”
     450 L.E.
     350 USD
     Master / PhD Student “Poster /Oral”
     500 L.E.
     400 USD
     PhD Holders, Prof. “Attendance”
     550 L.E.
     450 USD
     PhD Holders, Prof. “Poster/Oral”
     575 L.E.
     475 USD

    Late Registraion Fees: 

                     Before 24 Nov. 2013

    Category / Nationality
    700 L.E. 
    550 USD 
      “Poster /Oral presenter”
    700 L.E. 
    650 USD 
     Onsite Registration “Attendance”
    800 L.E. 
    725 USD 

    The Registration fess included


    • Lunches and coffee breaks indicated in the program.

    • Participation to all scientific sessions.

    • Admission to the scientific and commercial exhibition.

    • All congress documentation (congress bag with its contents, name badge, certificate of attendance, congress book)
    1. The registration fees support attendance of the conference and scientific participation with a poster or oral presentation only. they don’t support any scientific publishing of the presented papers.

    1. For those who would like to publish their papers in scientific journals will have to pay extra fees that will be send to them by email upon acceptance of their abstracts in the conference.

    The registration fees don't support any travelling or accommodation to the attendees.

    we can to arrange accommodation in some hotels at the expense of the attendee upon his request.

    Method of Fees Payment:

    Fees are to be paid to the follow account bank details:

    ·   Account name:                           ISES Egypt

    ·   Account number:                       24704

    ·   SWIFT:                                         FIEG EG CX DOK

    ·   Bank name:                                Faisal Islamic bank of Egypt

    ·   Bank branch:                             Dokkii branch

    ·   Bank address:                           9 Adel Rostom street from Nile street - Dokkii


    ** You will receive a payment confirmation sheet from the bank, please scan it and send it to next e-mail:  


      [email protected] 

    to confirm your registration and payment.